October 15, 2020
Barefoot running is it better

Sovitaafit: Running barefoot is it a trend or is it based on facts?

A friend and I were taking a leisurely stroll across Kite beach and we ran into my bohemian friend who was running barefoot. This got my friend who obviously spends a lot on her branded running shoes to comment that he must be injuring his foot without protective gear. While I had […]
October 14, 2020
is it safe for me to exercise

Sovitaafit: Do I need to see a doctor before I start exercising? Can anyone just take up exercising?

News of people falling down from a cardiac arrest after strenuous exercise has gotten many people scared. Rightly so, you exercise to live longer not the other way around. So let’s get some facts straight, as per research dated June 2020 by the University of Cambridge at least 3.9 million early deaths […]
October 12, 2020
Core Strengthening Sovitaafit

Sovitaafit: Simple Core strengthening exercises you must do if you are a beginner with fitness or elderly.

Without a vaccine, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are having to stay at home. These are a few core strengthening exercises that one should include in their daily workout at-home exercises. Core strengthening is important not just for seniors but also for beginners in fitness. Without a strong core, […]
October 7, 2020
sovitaa Gut health is more important than exercise

SovitaaFit: Gut microbiome- second brain, personality fixer, mood improver, immunity booster…

If like me you thought your brain was your brain then you are in for a surprise. While the gut has been in the news for years recent findings are shocking, to say the least. The gut, our so-called second brain is planning a coup to take over as the first brain. […]