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Sovitaa is the largest directory and search engine of its kind in the U.A.E. Sovitaa brings together fitness facilities, personal trainers, supplement providers and nutritionists to make your fitness journey easy, convenient and exciting. Sovitaa members can search, compare and rate fitness centres, based on personal preferences such as location, timings and amenities. Super convenient!

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Get involved with the new fitness transformation.

Time is the biggest hurdle when it comes to fitness, and people are constantly on the lookout for fitness centers around them that offer preferred fitness sessions at convenient schedules. Join Sovitaa and be a part of a global fitness community of gyms, health clubs, private trainers, boutique fitness studios, nutritionists and supplement providers all brought together by our passion for well-being.

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I’m a personal trainer

Grow your business by connecting to Sovitaa tribe members.

People are waking up to the realization that personal trainers reduce the risk for injury, help get the maximum out of a workout, and keep you motivated. Sovitaa is a collaborative digital movement that is designed to up level the fitness industry in the Middle East. Connective transformation is the way forward, where like minded industry specialists’ band together to start a fitness movement.

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I sell supplements

Increase revenue by selling nutritional supplements to a tribe dedicated to fitness and well-being.

Sovitaa members are active and constantly on the go. Nutritional supplements that serve as meal replacements, natural boosters and remedies, dietary supplements, workout supplements, fat burners etc. are in great demand. We would love to partner with you if you sell high quality supplements and nutraceuticals.

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I’m a nutritionist

If you love to help people discover a more holistic and effective way to lose and maintain ideal body weight or even address potential/existing health conditions –here’s how you can expand your reach.

Bring on your passion and expertise about health and nutrition and offer tailored programs to your clients so they are on track with their dietary intake. At Sovitaa, we are dedicated to fitness and believe that true transformation comes with behavioral change. A lifestyle that involves dietary changes, exercise habits, and Sovitaa. Partner with us to be a part of this fitness transformation.

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